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National Homebrew Competition 2019


  1. All entries must be personally home brewed by the entrant. If multiple brewers created the entry then all brewers must be listed on the entry form.
    1. Beers which are not commercially reproducible (ie. produced from a wort kit, or on a system using pre-fabricated wort kits) may enter but are not eligible for prizes.
    2. Beers which are not commercially reproducible but otherwise adhere to the rules of the competition may not be eligible for prizes involving commercial brewing, or may do so with ingredient substitutions, as negotiated with SOBA.
  2. Commercially brewed beer is not eligible for entry.
    1. Home brewers who directly work for any commercial brewing entity may enter, though the beer MUST be brewed at home. These entries are eligible for medals and best in class status, but may not win prizes.
  3. The entry fee to SOBA members is $12.00 for each entry. The entry fee to non-SOBA members is $17.00 for each entry.
  4. One bottle of each entry is required for judging. The minimum size of each bottle is to be 330mL.
    1. Liability for loss or damage is the sole responsibility of the entrant.
    2. Bottles MUST be safe. Mac's or similar bottles which do not hold pressure will be destroyed and the entry disqualified without refund.
  5. Entries must be made via the SOBA NHC website.
  6. All entries must be registered online by 17:00 on Sunday 10th November 2019 and received by the SOBA Event Organiser between Monday 4th November and Friday 15th November 2019.
  7. Each bottle entered must have an attached label identifying the beer as specified on the entry form.
    1. The bottle labels must contain ONLY the complete bottle ID including barcode shown beside your entry.
    2. Bottles received without proper labels may be disqualified.
    3. Labels must be suitably affixed to the bottle so they are not dislodged during unpacking. Bottles without suitably affixed labels may be disqualified at the Competition Organisers discretion.
    4. QR codes on the label must not be taped over, distorted, or otherwise obscured.
  8. Payments must be made by internet banking or PayPal (ie, Credit Card or Paypal transfer) only.
  9. Payment by internet banking must be made in the following manner:
    1. ANZ - account number 01-0527-0079253-00
    2. The ‘Particulars’ field must contain your name as it appears on your entry form.
    3. The ‘Code’ field must contain ’Homebrew’.
    4. The ‘Reference’ field must contain the SOBA entry form submission id number. If paying for multiple entries, any ID number will do.
  10. Entrants may enter multiple beers into the same category or subcategory.
  11. The same beer cannot be entered more than once.
  12. Failure to observe the competition guidelines may result in disqualification of the entry.
  13. The entry fee is not refundable for disqualified entries.
  14. The entrant must enter their beer into the category and/or subcategory where they feel it will perform best. Judges or organisers will not classify or reclassify entries.
  15. All entries will become the property of SOBA.
  16. No entries will be returned whether received late or otherwise.
  17. By entering the SOBA National Homebrew Competition you allow SOBA to use all entry and result details for promotional and marketing purposes.
  18. By entering the SOBA National Homebrew Competition you allow SOBA to contact you regarding homebrew and beer related events in the future.
  19. Judges, Organisers, Stewards and any affiliated parties are able to enter beers into competition.
    1. The entry fee for Judges, Organisers, and Stewards, will be waived for the first two entries, though they may pay SOBA rate if they are not already SOBA members and wish to enter more than two beers.
    2. Judges and Organisers are not eligible to win prizes though are eligible for medals and best in class status.
    3. Stewards are eligible to win prizes.
  20. All competition results are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  21. Results may not be used for commercial endorsement without the prior consent of SOBA.