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National Homebrew Competition 2019

2019 Prizes

Champion Beer Prize - Hallertau

The brewer of the best beer in the competition will get sent up to Hallertau Brewery in Riverhead, Auckland to scale up their recipe and brew their beer with the team at Hallertau! The beer will then be launched at venues around NZ to celebrate!

Champion Brewer Prize - Brewaucracy

The Champion Brewer will get to collaborate with Brewaucracy to create a scaled up version of one of their beers. They will then get sent to Hamilton to spend a day at the brewery putting down the brew, which will later be released at venues around NZ!

Champion Ale - Gladfield Malt

Along with being a massive supporter of NHC, Gladfield Malt is providing the brewer of the Champion Ale this year with a variety of malts to keep the ales coming. The winner will receive 1 x 25kg Pale Malt, and then 1 x 1kg each of Toffee Malt, Medium Crystal Malt, Light Crystal Malt & Munich Malt!

Champion Lager - The Grainfather

The Grainfather is sponsoring this years Champion Lager award, and will reward the brewer with one of their conical fermenters. These can be fit with a temperature control device, and be hooked up to their Glycol Unit for commercial quality fermentation conditions!

Champion Club Prize - Freestyle Hops

This year's Champion Club Award is sponsored by Freestyle Hops! When entering, be sure to include your Homebrew Club, and the club with the best cumulative results will receive 2x 5kg packs of hops from Freestyle Hops - 1 each of The Bruce, and NZL60-1. The goal is for the club to share these hops among its members, and then have a mini homebrew comp to see who used them best! See our Freestyle Hops Facebook Post for more details on these lovely hop varieties.

Best New Brewer -

New to NHC? Have no fears, it was everyone's first time their first time. This year will help calm the nerves by providing the Best New Brewer with a $250 Gift Certificate to So even if it's your first time just send something in - you could win!

Assorted Prizes

Random Entrant Prizes - NZ Hops

NZ Hops is bringing some lush NZ Hops to the party this year, and awarding brewers at random with 100g packs of hops! These prizes are available to anyone who enters (who have not already won other prizes), and the only way that you can win is to enter now!

Random Medal Prizes - iKegger

This year we have iKegger giving away some awesome prizes at random to medal winners who haven't won another prize already. There will be 4 separate prizes given to these brewers to help them store, transport & pour their brew better: - 4 Litre Tapped Kit Package - 1 Litre Insulated Growler - 2 Litre Insulated Growler - 2 Litre Mini Keg