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National Homebrew Competition 2018

2018 Prizes

Thanks to the great support of NZ's commercial brewers for their homebrew cousins this year's grand prizes are:

Champion brewer (highest accumulated champion brewer points)

Consistency has its rewards and there is a great prize for the brewer with most Champion Brewer Points. You get to go and brew one of your beers with Brewaucracy and have it commercially released.
Brewaucracy is the Hamilton based brain\love child of Greig McGill and Phil Murray - two top NHC judges. They brew a broad range of styles with a focus on the less common or overlooked.

You get Champion Brewer points from medal wining entries - Gold 3, Silver 2, Bronze 1 - but you also loose points for substandard entries (14-20 is -1 and 0-13 is -2) Winning champion brewer is all about entering a range of good beers. You get points for each medal, and loose points for a substandard beer. More often than not the Champion Brewer did not brew the Champion beer. Aim for a solid brace of medals – bronze, silvers and a few golds to seal the deal.

Champion beer (single highest scoring beer)

A fantastic prize for the Champion Beer brewer - you will have your beer brewed and released by Hallertau. And even better you get to go there and spend the day with them while they make it.
With “Captain of Beer” and NZ brewing legend Stephen Plowman at the helm, the Hallertau team brew a huge range of beers from crisp Pilsners and hop bulging IPAs through to artisan barrel aged classics like Funkonnay and Porter Noir. We are very fortunate to have them as a longstanding NHC partner as few breweries would be able to produce the range of beers that have won the NHC over the years.
Do you think you have what it takes to win? Start checking out pictures of their Biergarten – it’s a great place to relax after a long brew day.

Champion Club (club with the most champion brewer points from its members) - A new prize for 2018

Thanks to the team at Grainfather we have a new award this year - Champion Club.
When you enter you can select a club to be linked to and your Champion Brewer Points get added to their total. The club that with the highest total wins a Grainfather Connect all grain brewing system. Make sure your club is registered for this great prize.

This is a real asset for any club that you can share amongst your members – a fantastic way to introduce new brewers to all grain, use for club brew days and for members to be able to road test before they decide to buy one.

By club we don’t just mean formally established homebrew clubs. This is open to any group of brewers you want to associate yourself with. It could be a group of mates or an informal club that just kind of happened.

You need to register your club\group by the 21st of September - don't miss out.
To register you club email [email protected] with your club\group's name, short description, location, and a contact email, phone - you also need to nominate a person who will receive the prize on behalf of your club if you win.

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