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National Homebrew Competition 2018


We've invited the best of New Zealand's judging talent to get picky over your homebrews. When you enter your beer, you can rest assured that it will be judged by some seriously experienced palates, including some of New Zealand's most well-known brewers, and especially some judges with several years judging experience at the World Beer Cup - the Olympics of beer!

Head Judge

Geoff Griggs

Table Captains

Albrecht von Wallmoden
Ben Middlemiss
Colin Mallon
David Nicholls
Graham Eyres
Greig McGill
Jason Bathgate
Brent Edwards
Kelly Ryan
Martin Bridges
Sam Williamson
Shane Morley
Tim Low
Tracy Banner


Allan Hawkes
Alyssa Prentice
Amy Paisley
Andrew Childs
Anita Mitchell
Brian Livingston
Claire Madrid
Daniel Rowntree
Dave Moynagh
Dylan Adams
Geoff Gill
Georgia Davies
Kelly Eyres
Mike Stringer
Paddy Molloy
Peter Smith
Reuben Rowntree
Scott Sharp-Heyward
Stephen Wood

And a great group of trainee judges.