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National Homebrew Competition 2019

2014 - Sponsors and Prizes

Posted on October 14, 2014 by Greig McGill

The NHC couldn't happen without the generosity and support of our amazing sponsors. It costs a fair bit to fly in and accommodate our great panel of judges, and we simply couldn't do it based on entry fees alone.

Please consider giving all these sponsors your hard earned dollars whenever you can. It is they who are directly responsible for the success of this competition.

We'd like to thank Cryer Malt who are our Gold Sponsor this year. Besides putting up a large chunk of cash, allowing us to run the competition, Cryer are also providing the high quality malt to brew the Champion Brewer's commercially released brew, in conjunction with BeerNZ, about whom, more later!

There's been a fair bit of buzz this year around one of our Silver Sponsors. The Grainfather. This piece of kit is an incredible boon to homebrewers, or pro brewers looking for flexibility in recipe testing. We're honoured to have their support in running this year's competition.

Our other Silver Sponsor requires little introduction. NZ Hops have been the powerhouse innovators behind those incredibly lush and uniquely flavoured NZ hops which have taken the world by storm. As well as allowing small NZ hop growers to thrive, they have also opened up a world of possibilities to the kiwi homebrewer. We're proud to have their support again this year.

Mike and the team at Brewers Coop have once again generously agreed to look after the NHC as Bronze Sponsors. They also back the "Champion Ale" prize with a $200 voucher to the lucky winner! The Champion Ale is the highest scoring Ale in the competition NOT brewed by the Champion Brewer, or the brewer of the Champion Beer.

Local to Hamilton, where the NHC is based, Peter and the team at Brewshop are always keen to support the NHC as Bronze Sponsors. In addition, they back the "Champion Lager" prize with a $200 voucher to the master of cold conditioning! The Champion Lager is the highest scoring Lager in the competition NOT brewed by the Champion Brewer, or the brewer of the Champion Beer.

BeerNZ have again generously offered to provide the Champion Brewer - the brewer with the most points across all their entries - with a generous Brewing Scholarship package. This will consist of a third quarter 2015 "SOBA NHC Beer" release brewed by the Champion Brewer at Four Avenues in Christchurch, as well as training and education in commercial brewing, and sponsored further releases at the Champion Brewer's discretion. For the homebrewer looking to go pro, this is a huge opportunity in NZ's ever more crowded market. For the purist who wishes to remain a fine and noble homebrewer, the prize offers valuable insight and huge bragging rights!

Hallertau will once again be brewing the Champion Beer for commercial release. This is the highest scoring single beer in the competition NOT brewed by the Champion Brewer.

Stu and Sam, the Yeastie Boys are back again, looking to encourage inspiration and experimentation. They will be offering a case of mixed Yeastie Beer to the brewer of the "most interesting" entry. This will be judged by Stu and Sam, and probably won't be won by a hefeweizen. But you never know!

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