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National Homebrew Competition 2019

2018 Competition Announced

Posted on August 8, 2018 by David Moynagh

It’s time to get brewing - SOBA National Homebrew Competition is back for 2018

Judging is Saturday 27 and Sunday 38 of October, hosted again by the great team at Pacific Flavours and Ingredients in Auckland.

There will be more announcements including prizes, drop off points and tips for success on our Facebook page - make sure you like it to keep up to date.

Thanks very much brewers for your efforts last year. We saw a lift in the quality of the beers entered and the top medalling beers were genuinely world class.

It’s the quality of the judges that makes the NHC a special event. We fly in the best judges from all over New Zealand with internationally renown head judge Geoff Griggs at the helm.

For many the focus is on medals and to see how your beer stacks up against the best in NZ, but the NHC is still one of the best opportunities to get unbiased feedback and expert advice on how to make better beer. Last year there was increased judge feedback to brewers and we plan to build on that this year with a new judging sheet and other initiatives.

Entries need to be received between Monday 8 and Friday 19 October. The entry fee is the same as last year - $12 for each entry for SOBA members and $17 for non-members. This is a great time to make sure your SOBA Membership is up to date.

it takes a small village to organise the NHC and we couldn't do it without our partners - Grainfather, Hallertau, Brewaucracy, CryerMalt, NZ Hops, Gladfield Malt, Brewshop, Pacific Flavours and Brewers Coop - plus a few more who we will announce soon.


Dave Moynagh (Competition Organiser) and the rest of the NHC team.

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