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National Homebrew Competition 2019

SOBA National Homebrew Competition 2016

Posted on August 15, 2016 by Tom Coleman

It’s time to be planning your beers for this year’s National Homebrew Competition. Judging will be held on Saturday 5th November, hosted again by the good people at Fine Wine Delivery Co on Constellation Drive.

This means all entries will need to be received by us between Monday 17th October and Friday 28th October. The delivery address will be: Beer Spot, 54 Northcote Road, Northcote, Auckland 0627. Thanks very much to Lawrence for allowing us the space there.

We have a couple of rule changes this year:

  1. Only one bottle per entry will be required. This is to reduce the logistics effort for both brewers and stewards as well as reduce wastage of beer and bottles post-event. To allow for tie-breakers being needed for the major prizes each gold medal awarded will be independently tasted by the head judge and his notes used to separate winners. Obviously we will no longer have a back-up in case of opening a gusher so, although this was rare, the golden rule of sanitation is even more crucial.

  2. No ciders or meads will be accepted for judging. These were only ever a tiny proportion of entries (8 bottles last year) but we often lack the expertise to judge them effectively and after all we are a beer society.

Any updates will appear on the website and Twitter in the lead up to the competition along with the call for volunteers nearer the time. We appreciate any feedback you have and please do spread the word to get more brewers entering more beers.

Happy brewing!


Tom Coleman, SOBA NHC 2016 Convener

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