National Homebrew Competition 2014

NHC 2013 - Done and Dusted!

The SOBA National Homebrew Competition is done for 2013! Have a look on Twitter, and see how it went down on the day.

On Saturday, November 2nd, 18 judges worked their way through 365 beers from 95 brewers from all over New Zealand. Check out the results to see who did well, and the score distributions.

A huge thank you to our sponsors over on the right of the page there! Especially to our Gold Sponsor Mangrove Jacks who not only put up the bulk of the cash to run the competition but sent us an extra steward in the person of Andrew Childs who we chained to a chair at a judging table and forced him to write notes. I think we remembered to unchain him at the end...

Thanks also to all our hardworking volunteer judges and stewards. It was a long hard day, and you all did an amazing job. Special thanks to head judge Graeme Mahy and head stewards Alexandra McGill (operations) and Martin Bridges (administration). Of course, we can't forget Phil Murray who did all the backend IT systems allowing this website, live tweeting, score collation, scoresheet sharing... it goes on forever! Thanks Phil!

Thanks to BeerNZ we have an incredible prize waiting for our Champion Brewer - Matt Smith from Auckland. Matt has won a full-on "Beer Scholarship". In basic terms, this is a tutored and sponsored entry into the world of commercial brewing consisting of a programme of three commercial releases (the first one is free!) produced and managed by BeerNZ and distributed nationally. Look out for something from Matt popping up in bars and on shelves around the country within the next few months.

Thanks also to Hallertau who will be doing a one off commercial batch of the Champion Beer - a dry stout brewed by Barbara Joppa. This tasty beer will be brewed on the sexy new brewhouse at Hallertau, with long time NHC supporter Steve Plowman and god of hops Joseph Wood helping Barb out.

Finally, congratulations to Nicholas Gibb with his Champion Ale (a Hibiscus Saison) and Dan Baker with his Champion Lager (a classic Rauchbier) who will be getting $200 credit at sponsors Brewers Coop and Brewshop respectively.

Congratulations to all who entered, especially prize and medal winners. Thanks again to our amazing sponsors (listed to the right) - please consider using their services.

2014 Competition

See you again next year - Entries will open October 6th and close at 5pm October 24th. Judging will take place on the weekend of the 1st of November. Start thinking about your entries now!


Greig McGill Organiser (with TONS of help) SOBA National Homebrew Competition 2013