National Homebrew Competition 2014

NHC 2014 Wrapup and NHC 2015

The SOBA National Homebrew Competition is over for 2014! Check out the results.

We judged our way through 417 beers, and two things became apparent - there were a lot of first time entrants, and the overall standard was much higher than in previous years. This speaks volumes to the health and growth of the hobby in New Zealand.

As always, most new brewers attempt two things - hoppy US style beers and the English bitter family. These are actually pretty hard beers to get right, so naturally, the standard in those categories was a lot lower, but there were still some great beers there and congratulations to all who did well.

As I've mentioned before, this was my final year running the NHC, but we at SOBA like to give plenty of notice so you can get your aged entries just right. Committee willing, the date shouldn't change too much for NHC 2015. Keep an eye here and on Twitter for developments though!

Thanks to Phil for the website and systems (and general moral support!), thanks to Alexandra for the huge job of beer corralling and steward wrangling, and thanks to all the judges and stewards for all their hard work.

Certificates should be out as soon as we can get them printed, and please remember to support our sponsors as this competition simply could not run without them.


Greig McGill

Organiser (with HEAPS of help)