National Homebrew Competition 2014

NHC 2014

The SOBA National Homebrew Competition is open for 2014!

We've finalised our wonderful sponsors, our dedicated judges, and our hardworking stewards, and we're getting ready to accept your entries into what we think will be the biggest NHC yet. Stand by for a judge roll call, and sponsor update.

Phil Murray has done a HUGE job updating from the BJCP styles to the Brewers Association styles. If you know what XSLT is, you'll understand. If not, just trust me, the man's a genius and a saint.

Entries close at 5pm October 24th. Saturday, November 1st is when it will all go down, and as usual, we'll be live-tweeting results as they happen, with commentary, colour, and some terrible puns from our pregnant non-drinker, Beth "Mrs. Phil" Murray!

Keep an eye on Twitter for news and tidbits, and don't forget to check back here for updates.

Finally, this will be my last year of running this excellent competition. I need a break, but I can't wait to see it grow further next year.



Greig McGill

Organiser (with HEAPS of help)